Union Official Admits He Hit Students: “Made It Look Like an Accident”

This video by James O’Keefe exposes a San Francisco teachers union official admitting that he hit a student. Antonio Mankini of San Francisco United Educators was caught on hidden-camera telling a journalist about his experience with hitting students.

Two Project Veritas journalists went undercover–one posed as a friend of a teacher who hit a student, and the second posed as the teacher himself. When the teacher expressed guilt, Mankini told him not to worry because there was “no evidence.”

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  • Jessie

    I’m fucking sick of your fake edited videos out to destroy good people! These are our educators. You don’t know what they have to deal with ever day! A friend showed me this & I was just sick! You make these hard working people out to be monsters! You’re the monster!

    • Wasabi

      your Funny. Cant handle it huh?

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