Undercover PV Journalist in Full Burka Is Offered Huma Abedin’s Ballot

Last December, Project Veritas caught NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City. He explained how Muslims can use burkas as a way to commit voter fraud.

Project Veritas wanted to test this theory by sending an undercover journalist dressed in full burka to Huma Abedin’s polling location to see if they could vote. Shockingly, an election official offered the PV journalist Huma Abedin’s ballot.


PV Journalist: “Not even just voter ID because of people voting twice, but people can like cover their faces, you know what I’m saying?”

Alan Schulkin: “The Muslims can do that too. You don’t know who they are.”

PV Journalist: “The Muslims, yeah. Especially, all those Burkas. Someone could claim oh it’s my religion, but you don’t know if they are pretending or not.”

Alan Schulkin: “Exactly.”

Alan Schulkin: “Your vote doesn’t even count even, because they can go in there with a burka and you don’t know if they are a voter. Your vote gets discounted because they come in there with a burka on and they can vote. People think that it’s a liberal thing to do, but I take my vote seriously, and I don’t want ten other people coming in negating my vote by voting for the other candidate when they aren’t even registered voters.”

Election Offical: “Goodmorning. Last name.” 

PV Journalist: “Abedin.”

Election Official: “Abedin.”

Election Official: “And that’s your last name?”

Election Official: “And how do you spell Abedin?”

PV Journalist: “A B E DI N.”

Election Official: “I don’t know honey. I’m looking for it in the books. But your name is not in the book. For some reason it’s not here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t vote by paper ballot. You just can’t vote by machine”

PV Journalist: “Ok so I can vote today?”

Election Official: “By paper.”

PV Journalist: “So I can vote as Huma Abedin, but just with the paper ballot?”

Election official: “If that’s the name you voted with in the last election, and you haven’t changed your name?”




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  • Juliet Bellissima

    This is incredibly scary. The commissioner admits to problems and makes excellent points. And seeing voting locations allow an unidentified person to vote who isn’t even in their books is horrifying! You never know what someone is hiding underneath a winter jacket, let alone a muslim in a burka!!!!!!! Everyone needs to be on high alert and report anything suspicious!

  • Lady

    This will only continue to grow. If Trump doesn’t win this time, do you think there will be less voter fraud next time?

    • StingraySFO

      If Clitus Clinton is installed as POTUS you can kiss elections goodby. If she gets the nod from the electors, Trump will contest it. All I can say for that is good luck trying to overcome all of the DOJ looneys that cover her stinking a$$!!!

      • Nicodemus

        She will put Lynch and O’Vomit on the Supreme Court and it’s game over! Clearly, she must be stopped!

    • ward

      “Hope” for “change” that bo & hilary type won’t be around to create more treason & criminal abuse of power .. !

      • Lady

        American Citizens have to stay on whomever makes it into office always. That was our mistake, at least 2 generations of not watching. I am voting Trump but we need to watch him and his administration also.

        • ward

          That watch cannot stop on any government action and especially congress that has done “0” for the U.S. Patriotic Citizens for 8 years of kissing ass with the worst potus in U.S. history !

    • Concerned Citizen

      What next time?

  • goldilocked

    No wonder they don’t want you to need ID. Voting ID is clearly essential now. Trust in the system is totally breaking down. And as for the hackable machines….. That’s the only way Clinton can win at this point.

    • Bandit

      Breaking down it broke down in the 2008 election and he that is the only way the demoncrats can win, the demoncrats care nothing for the Constitution or the law the only thing they want is the agenda that they are following, win by any means, and the end justifys the means.

      • Good to see you again my friend. Your comment is 100% spot on.

    • fastboat

      It’s 2016 for crying out loud. There is NO REASONABLE EXCUSE for someone not to have a government issued photo ID, period. What the hell is wrong with these Judges that

    • Matthew Bowman

      How do you think Barry won twice? Know anybody that voted for him? I don’t either!

      • Nicodemus

        Actually, I know one fagola who voted for him but that’s like one out of hundreds of people I know! As for Hitlery….even at a FREE CONCERT they have mostly empty seats! What a charade! If she ‘wins’, you know it’s totally fraudulent. Here’s the evidence! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXzZnU7imGs

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  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    WTF has this country come to?

    • kabulgeorge

      Blame Obama, Biden, Kerry and Sociopath Hillary since they let all these agencies run wild with no oversight which has produced the current quagmire Washington D.C. Term limits and drain the dang swamp! Plenty of room in GITMO now that Barry has released all those poor detainees! All of them back in the terrorist business, killing all us infidels.

      • rev_dave

        Term limits? I wish. But you’ll never get the hogs to limit their own time at the trough unless you walk out there with an ax while they’re eating and kill a few. There has to be a perceived danger to continuing to just pig out (pun intended). We can’t even vote them out now, so how are you going to get them to limit their own time?

      • Concerned Citizen

        And wait till Hillary gets her global open borders if elected. Guess who will be coming to the USA?

    • Kelcey Sidebottom

      A crossroads, Tyronne, this country has come to a crossroads…..

  • Jim

    I can’t believe this bs! If I were trump I would say all is rigged to and demand a recount no matter what! Everybody should have to show identification! If you think it’s racist f you grow up! This turns my stomache and if the dems, including our prez cries that it’s not fair they can go f themselves! Not to mention a lot of people are going down soon over the under aged sex ring the clintons are involved in!

    • Mathew Molk

      Is it racist to have a driver;s license of a welfare card? Is it racist to prove who you are when you apply for a bamk account or to get an auto loan? Then why is it racist to show an ID when you vote.

      It’s time to stop the inmates from running the asylum.

  • ward

    Proof in the last 8 years that fraud, lying & treason have become a main stay in all branches of government … !

  • rev_dave

    I don’t really want the feds issuing ID’s to all citizens, because that will open the door to the Beast’s mark. But I damned sure also do not want people who are NOT citizens or legal residents voting – at all. The benefits of citizenship are supposed to be for CITIZENS for cryin’ out loud. And the right to vote in elections is one of those benefits.

    No proof of citizenship or permanent resident status = NO VOTE!

    • Mathew Molk

      Not the feds,,,State issued ID.

      • rev_dave

        Thought I’d included that, but I must have cleared it. However, if it’s ‘state issued’ what’s to stop a state with huge minority populations from just issuing them to everybody without any standards – as I believe some do today? That’s why I said Feds – I don’t want ‘fed’ IDs – we already have SSNs – but we need some kind of standards to limit who gets to vote everywhere in the nation, on the same standards.

    • Bandit

      I think it should go back to what it was many years ago, only property owners were allowed to vote.

      • rev_dave

        You don’t need to be a citizen to own property.

        • Columbusbabe Brown

          Amen to that! China is one of the biggest property owners in the States! Do we want them voting in our election? However, if Hillary wins, that may happen with her push of the TPP!

    • Nicodemus

      Ah, but according to the cute Asian-airhead who interviewed Bathtub-Barry, now they’re not illegal invaders, they’re “undocumented citizens”. The Orwellianism of this administration has become surreal!

  • steven

    Do all of you patriots have a clean rifle and plenty of ammunition ?

    • kabulgeorge

      Rifles, handguns shotguns but I may need more ammo! Think I need to bump up to 4000 rounds, 12-ga, 30-06, .380, 40 S&W, 44 mag. Hope I don’t run out of gun powder!

    • Mathew Molk


      And a brand new rope

    • David Tierney

      Oh hell yeah

    • Columbusbabe Brown

      Won’t help! Obamass was busy buying up millions of rounds of ammo during his terms. For awhile there, even law enforcement had trouble getting ammo! He couldn’t take away our guns (yet!), but he was trying to limit our ability to get ammo!

  • 1776
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  • bigmur

    This is the tip of Voter Freud That’s why you need an ID to vote with a full face picture. also I would like to see a fingerprint check to get a voter ID. This year over a million Illegals will be allowed to vote because Obama made them citizens. Just to vote Demo-Rats. Also why do legal Americans have a harder time than an illegal.

    • David Tierney

      Oh hell these idiots would either say it was racist to ask for finger prints or an infringement of their rights or maybe even say it was inhumane. What a bunch of candy ass idiots.

    • Nicodemus

      Indeed. I am overseas, voting absentee…my ballot arrived YESTERDAY! Fortunately, by raising holy hell about it, I was allowed to do it via email. Now TELL ME IT WASN’T INTENTIONAL THAT MY BALLOT ARRIVED TOO LATE TO RETURN IT IN TIME! My prayers go out to all you folks in the USA who are currently loading magazines and getting your ‘go’ bags ready…. Clearly O’Vomit and his puppet-masters have run all over Congress for so long that they think they can cower the REAL citizens of the USA in the same way (clearly they forgot the warnings of the 2 million bikers and 200,000 truck drivers going to DC). I really hope Hitlery loses and it doesn’t become necessary for an object lesson…I would really like there to be a country left for me to visit in the future!

      • Columbusbabe Brown

        I hope so too! Can’t believe there are so many people (Dems) who don’t care that she lies constantly, breaks laws and says she’s innocent because no one indicts or gets a chance to convict her, who runs a pay for play scheme, and despite all this, they don’t care about that, they’ll vote for her anyway! What kind of kids are they raising and what kind of society will we have?!

        • ward

          These are bo dem libtards that do not deserve U.S. Freedom …. !

  • bigmur

    If you want a female president vote for Stein

    • Procras108r85

      Unfortunately Stein and her Green Party are ideas are nuttier than Clinton, altho she’s not just flat out criminal and felonious like Clinton. And the person she has for a VP running mate is an openly anti-white racist. I would just no vote before I’d choose between Stein or Clinton.

      • Concerned Citizen

        No vote should not be an option for anyone! Our country’s sovereignty is in crisis! TRUMP 2016

      • Nicodemus

        And Johnson’s VP is a rabid, anti-gun nut (and Johnson isn’t much better!). Trump wasn’t my first choice, but he’s done nothing but impress me over the past few months. Where does he get all the energy? He’s even older than I am!

    • Concerned Citizen

      What a waste. Why bother? If you want our Country to survive, vote Trump!

  • Janet

    Yesterday they were showing illegals in a van going from one polling place to another to vote! They did this like six times. Trump is right. The system is rigged! I also saw that president Obama was telling an illegal woman that she should go ahead and vote because there’s no way she’ll be caught. I mean seriously! The Democrats are willing to do anything to get elected! ANYTHING!!!

    • Mathew Molk

      That’s a felony to aid an abet to commit voter fraud. His royal exalted boma should be charged and arrested if this is true and they can come up with witnesses.

      • Bill Robertson

        Charged, arrested,and MORE.

      • Janet

        Oh he did it alright. I saw it! But like Hillary he’s above the law! Makes me so angry the things that they get away with!

      • David Tierney

        He did it, Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama saw him do it on TV and did say it wasva felony. So why hasn’t Congress started the impeachment process yet?
        And Sessions is a good man but stip talking aboutvit Jeff and act on it, damn it. This is the problem with you politicians, talk, talk, talk, but no action. These Drmocrats and many in the GOP are destroying our Country. WE WANT ACTION.

        • Concerned Citizen

          Suggest you write your congressman. Others too.

          • 1937shirley

            What? Not in Connecticut where all the cards are stacked by the Dems. I’ve written many letters and just get back the standard BS blurb they send to try to pacify people who don’t agree with them. Write all the letters you want if it makes you happy and it makes you thinkthat they are listening to you. It’s hogwash!

          • Concerned Citizen

            My congressman is a Republican, Dana Rohrbacher. I got a correspondence from him about Obama telling illegals to vote. Not all representatives are the same. I imagine some Democrats, like the people you contacted, are as corrupt as Obama, along with some Republicans. I hope some aren’t.
            We all need to vote today and hope the sheer number of people can outweigh the rigged system.
            And yes, Jeff Sessions is a good man. Suggest you call his office and talk to his assistants. Or write him a letter. And maybe Dana Rohrbacher.
            I understand your frustration, but please don’t give up. Because people are so fed up, there is truly a movement behind Donald Trump to make changes. I don’t know if it is possible or not, but we can’t roll over and play dead for the corrupt people trying to destroy our country. God bless you.

          • ward

            Telling illegalsto vote is the same criminal action as they being in the U.S.A. illegally & actually are the enemy of destruction to all Citizens !

    • I’ll bet this happened in Philadelphia.

  • kabulgeorge

    New York is just another cesspool of lying, cheating progressives that need to be brought to justice. They fear Trump because he may well end the gravy train and force the pot smokers, creak heads to get their arses to,work. Glad my wagon pulling days are almost over. Hope I don’t snap!

  • badass

    for long term sake, we got to have voters’ ID system in place.

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  • Norman’s Stormin

    I seriously doubt this country will survive the commitment it has to corruption, deceit, theft, and power grabs. If we were, it would totally be because those who truly care for our country stand up and get counted. We cannot expect those politicians who stand by those people who are not of this country, and are part of a religion that is not peaceful and is commanded to kill people who disagree with them, to make a beneficial change in our country. Pray for our leaders and our children and grandchildren.


    I’m so proud of my country?!

  • Joe the Nobody

    Ah…..ID please? Not is that what name you voted under before. This is what I hate about a lawless country when the government calls ALL the shots. Voting means Nothing. It’s all about who the deep state wants to keep the ball rolling.

  • erleebird

    My son was in Vermont for the weekend. Someone approached him with a $100 bill which they said he could have if he voted for Clinton. Very perturbed, he sent him on his way! And the Dems say the election is not rigged?

    • Nicodemus

      He should have taken the $100 bill (for the fingerprints) and taken a photo of the perp, after breaking his/her nose, and reported it to the authorities! This treason can’t be ignored, it needs to be documented!

      • Columbusbabe Brown

        Wouldn’t have helped! DOJ is firmly in her back pocket! And soon she’ll have the Supreme Court too! The Clinton’s and Obama’s are like a huge wart on our country, full of pus!

    • Rhiannon Welles

      Hillary is up by 28 points in VT. It’s not even close. No need to “pay” anyone to vote for her there.

      • ward

        The #1 libtard state of indoctrinated bo democrats that are brainless imbeciles !Vermont was a beautiful state but libtard stench destroys the atmosphere !

      • 1937shirley

        That’s most likely why she’s up 28 pts in VT. Hillary and her corrupt troop of criminals have been real busy buying up everything and everyone. Did you get your $100 for your vote for Hilliary too?

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  • Mere Marlo

    If their name is NOT on the VOTERS ROLE, they should not be allowed to vote. What is wrong with this Americans? Do we have any honest people left in this country? Or all they all Democrats? This is terribly disheartening.

  • Ronald R. Hajny

    Common sense should tell Anybody That not allowing voter ID or even having the option, is your Government looking down on you and saying you are STUPID and we need to remind you of how much power we have over you.

  • mallen11

    This should have been taken care of many months ago. To cheat at the polls keeps our voting from being fair to our Nation. We will suffer for it.

  • midogman

    the problem is some of the underlings are stupid and just oh so eager to please their owners. it’s giving those at the top too much credit to say they can control so much. they don’t really need to.

  • David Tierney

    It’s funny that they don’t have an I.D. How the hell do they cash their checks or drive their car to the poling place? You even need I.D. to buy smokes and booze.
    Who’s shitting who?


    The DNCommunist have really screwed over the one man one vote and the R’s are to chicken sh!t to call them on it…..our representation doesn’t mean squat and neither does this election now…..

  • Darren P.

    I am working the voting polls, and we were give specific directions THAT IF SOMEONE WANTS TO VOTE LET THEM! No id, no problem, paper ballot that then goes off later to decide if they were legal. But where and whom decides? Behind closed doors I am certain, then what about oversight? You see were I am going with this.

  • russ

    the ballot that was offered was an affidavit (or provisional) ballot, as required by federal law (HAVA passed in 2002). it will not be counted unless verified.

  • Kim LaMela

    Lies, Lies and More Lies, Corruption On Top Of Corruption The Democrats with Clinton and the Media and Her Big Business Partners will change our Country so much we won’t be able to handle it. She Can NOT Become our Next President The 95 Million Americans who are out of Work need to get off their Butts and Vote.

    • Concerned Citizen

      True, true, true!!!

  • Concerned Citizen

    It is common sense to require a voter ID. We need one for practically everything and therefore many people already have IDs. We should also have a process for some agency to assist people who have a reason to need help, like transportation or paying fees. Right now, you can get an ID at the DMV. Some people might need assistance getting the required paperwork, or transportation.

    Anything short of that is just asking for fraud and abuse!

    And the argument that there isn’t much fraud based on the numbers found is faulty thinking! That is only the identified amount, not the amount committed. I am aware of fraud and abuse and it is more common than you think. A few years ago it was reported in the newspaper – people registered cats and dogs in protest, just to show how easy it was. Ballots are sent for students who are no longer attending school, and others vote with them. Just like ballots that are sent to dead people. And there is no system, and often resistance, to purge dead people from the system – it should be required! And acorn paid for votes with cigarettes or small amounts of money. Others gather ballots from groups of people – and who knows what happens in between. And a few years ago, aliens who were studying to become citizens were told by federally funded Hispanic trainers that they could vote, and they did. It was in the newspaper. And when we first started using voting machines, an expose book was written, Black Box I think, and the author publicized the dangers. And if you think there can’t be fraud, why do you think George Sorus has procured some of America’s voting machines? And these are just the things a 75 year old housewife knows. What do you think the whole story is? I would guess Donald Trump is right – it’s rigged.

  • Gammi2Anna

    This happened in the 2012 election to my husband and myself as we stood in line waiting to cast our vote, AFTER we followed the VA requirements of showing a photo ID, Voter registration card, and providing physical address information. A couple came in behind us and neither of them had any type of Photo ID, even though the female was driving the vehicle they arrived in. Driving in any state requires a drivers license, complete with a photo ID. They could not give the poll worker a legitimate home address and did not even know their own phone number. Since their names were not in the computer, the poll worker advised them they would need to return with proof of residence, such as a utility bill. That is when the race card was used. The black male began yelling that he was being discriminated against and denied his right to vote for Obama. Needless to say, the couple was quickly taken ahead of those of us still waiting in line and told that they would be given a paper ballot which they could use to cast their vote. I left there in tears, knowing that our vote had just been negated. Today, I am going in to vote and if it means I get arrested, I will not stand by quietly and allow another situation like this to happen, which is so obviously evident of voter fraud. Our local newspaper published the contact info of the Asst. State AG and FBI agents that have been assigned to monitor and respond to complaints of suspected voter fraud at any of the polling sites across our state. I have those numbers ready to go to the polls with us this morning. Please say a prayer for this country and for the voters to support the only candidate that will give our children and grandchildren a chance for the freedoms and opportunity we had. Also pray for me, that if necessary, I will have enough friends to help me with bail money if needed. 🙂

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  • 1937shirley

    As Trump has said “election is rigged”. No doubt about it!

  • The only reason you wouldn’t need voter verification of the simplest form; so there is no need to be verified when someone votes, even the second or third time around. Even the stupidest person can figure that out, but not congress it seems.

  • Columbusbabe Brown

    We’re heading down the same path as Venezuela. The people elected a corrupt president who went in and changed their constitution so he could become a “president (dictator)” for life, and now there is rioting in the streets by the starving people, lawlessness and corruption, takeover of banks, bankrupt economy, no jobs, and for the people, no hope in sight. Since they can’t have an honest election anymore, they can’t get rid of the administration, and it all happened in the last 25 years, all because they elected the WRONG person. Now they are facing revolution as their only alternative! Don’t let this happen here!

  • tkrepel

    Funny how nobody here is demanding that O’Keefe and the “PV journalist” be arrested for committing voter fraud by asking for a ballot they know is not their own.

  • dancer_44017@yahoo.com

    Totally meaningless. This is a provisional ballot which will be discarded after the polls close.

  • Rhiannon Welles

    Now tell the rest of the story “This is not an “official” ballot. Once a provisional ballot is cast,
    election officials will later review it to determine your eligibility to
    vote” She was given a provisional ballot. If she turned the ballot it, she is guilty of voter fraud!

  • GunTotingLib

    She could get a provisional paper ballot that would never be counted because it would not pass verification

  • J.B. Young

    Democrats will stoop to any kind of fraud to win. Disgusting!

  • minefinder624

    and they criticise Trump for even mentioning the possibility of voter fraud !!! Nothing to see here folks- ignore that man behind the curtain pulling all the levers !!!

  • SouthAustinBuffalo

    As expected, Project Veritas has produced bullshit. The poll worker, seeing that this person did not match the registration list, properly offered her a paper “Affidavit ballot.” Affidavit ballots are given special scrutiny, and are NOT counted immediately. If the burqa-wearer had gone further, she would have been required to fill out a detailed affidavit. See page 58 of the NYC Poll Workers Procedures manual: http://vote.nyc.ny.us/downloads/pdf/documents/boe/pollworkers/Poll%20Workers%20Procedures%20Manual%202016-2017_r26%20(2).pdf

  • mello Matt

    America has been defeated from within.

  • jersy lilly

    Hillary will win the Electoral vote and have half the votes Trump will get, that’s why this crock will win. If she is elected kiss your 2nd Amendment good bye also she will let untold amount of Muslims in with one half or more being terrorist.That will be just a beginning of your right.After four years of her ripping our Amendments to were you will have very few rights left.

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