MI #10: Undercover Journalist Offered Michigan Senator’s Ballot

In this video, James O’Keefe and several Project Veritas (PV)  journalists visit various polling locations in Michigan and request the ballot of David Robertson, a Republican Michigan Senator. A PV journalist is offered the ballot without ID, proving that voter fraud is easy to commit.

  • Juliet Bellissima

    No ID, no alcohol. No ID, no rated R movies. No ID, no driving. No ID, no hotel room, airline ticket or car rental. The list goes on! How hard is it to know we need ID to vote?

    • GoBlue83

      Agreed! Eleven year olds can’t even play travel soccer without photo ID.
      We finally got voter ID laws passed in North Carolina, and they’ve been overturned. It’s an outrage.

      • Juliet Bellissima

        After all the voter fraud exposure videos Mr. O’Keefe has put out, you would think they’d finally see an issue! To actually overturn the laws in NC is unthinkable. We need to keep putting pressure on these people.

    • Vood

      They know. Everybody knows. This battle was won by the left who uses political correctness, and playing the race card. What makes fighting all these battles difficult -if not impossible- is that our court system now leans left and no longer upholds the Constitution as it was written. The future is not looking good my friends.