Undercover Common Core Vid: Executive Says “I hate kids…it’s all about the money”

In this shocking explosive video of this new series about Common Core, a senior Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt sales executive says she hates kids and the textbook manufacturers prefer profits to the needs of school children across America.

“Oh my God, it’s all a money game. It’s all a money game,” confirms one Brooklyn teacher.

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  • Wayne Renee

    So Trump is right about common core then. I thought so.

  • Nick Name

    What some kids say

    “They are dreamers. That doesn’t mean they are wrong. They just don’t fit the norm, so they are labeled and damned, labeled as ADD. So the doctors dope us up with Ritalin and control our minds with low doses of speed. The teachers pay us no mind unless are minds are under control. It screws up our chain of thought and makes us one-dimensional…It takes away that extra imagination and the flow of the mind, hence destroying the true, purest ideas of mind…I look forward to the day when Ritalin isn’t an answer, and every student is labeled ‘learner.'”

    Source: Matt Sherbal, age 14 writing in his school newspaper.


    Same kind of dirtbags as common core behind child drugging