Texas Citizen Journalist Unlawfully Removed by State Rep for Legally Filming

In this Project Veritas video, James O’Keefe teams up with Texas mother and citizen journalist Amy Hedtke who was unlawfully removed from a State Affairs Committee meeting by Republican Committee Chair Byron Cook for attempting to film it in accordance with Texas state law.

  • Jessie

    They clearly stated who was allowed to record in that meeting. They can set their own guidelines, and they did, based on the law. She caused a disruption and wasted law enforcement time. How is this even in question?

  • David Gerard

    Jessie – Statutes are put in place to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens in the state of Texas. There is nothing in the provision that allows any ordinary citizen from recording an “open to the public” government meeting from using any recording apparatus to record or chronicle that meeting, and furthermore, there is no amendment to that which states, “unless at the individual discretion of……”, and so her civic rights were violated.

    The fact that you consider her taking a stand for liberty and individual freedom in the midst of an obvious fascist and illegal expulsion a ‘disruption’ tells me you’re fine with living in a dictatorship, so maybe you should move to North Korea.

  • Marie

    Republicans are pathetic and illegal hypocrite liars. Their fake edited evidences are really cynical. GOD knows the truth of everything and we have real evidences of all these criminal hypocrite liars. We have caught to these Republicans in their lies and Fake Republican and Russian Propaganda with true evidences proving they are lying. These demons only do all this show by money. They receive money for they do this. Why they don’t do the same with Donald and all their corruption in their party. For example, all the money Mr. Pritts receive from Devon and others to rigged the elections in Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming to help Donald and Putin destroy USA and the World

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