Out-of-control anti-Trump protesters harass and terrorize defenseless female journalist

WARNING: Explicit language on the part of the harassing protesters

Every undercover investigation can’t go off without a hitch and every once in a while, one of our hidden camera journalists has his or her cover blown.

However, they way this young female journalist was harassed and intimidated goes way over the top. Watch and decide for yourself.

  • Monique C. Lewis

    Is there a reason why Robert Creamer, Aaron Black and Laura Windsor still listed at Democracy Partners http://www.democracypartners.com/?q=partners Joel Silberman , guy that media trained Van Jones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjlPBTvCqAs

  • Kevin Turner

    GO, JAMES, GO!!! Don’t let anything stop you. Like you said, you’re only trying to tell the truth; they are the ones who want the truth to be hidden behind a false narrative.

  • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

    You do need to be mindful of the irony in your complaints about the “ambushing” of “journalists”, as this is normal practice in the world of modern “journalism”. It makes y’all look like snowflakes; No bueno. People get ambushed all the time by journalists, getting followed closely and questioned, cameras hovering closely around them, blocking their way, etc. Just watch Jesse Watters on O’Reilly, tracking down bad judges, prosecutors, etc. These corrupt liberals are bad enough; No need to mischaracterize certain actions they take.

    • Truth > Fiction

      Considering the QUESTIONABLE tactics by james okeefe it is hilarious to hear them whining and crying because they went after one of his people and exagerating what happened!! Lmfao!!

  • BernieFlatters

    Why didn’t PV provide protection for the female reporter?

  • Informed & Concerned Citizen

    You the man, James. Trumpsters love you!!

  • Eternal Return

    “Young female journalist.” More like “hack for criminal-led organization.”

    • johnny99

      Thanks for your input, Mr. Creamer.

  • johnny99

    As a big supporter and as a PV donor, I’d like to give you and your reporters two words of advice: Pepper spray.

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