NEW VIDEO: Haters at Tribeca yell profanities and call O’Keefe racist

WARNING: Video contains vulgar language

While at the premiere of the ACORN documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, James O’Keefe asks moviegoers what they think about the film. Visit here to learn more about what O’Keefe exposed about ACORN and accomplished with that video series. Click here to find out the truth about false allegations made about O’Keefe.

The Inquisitr covered the story here and our response was covered by Breitbart News here.

  • rms

    Be careful out there, brother – we need you


    DC residents and adjacent counties should be barred from voting in the general election and midterms for POTUS and representatives. They should be registered, barred, and put on a voter blacklist, with recorded biometrics and ID info on that list. MD & VA need to lose seats in the House that reflect the populations of those counties. The Communist/deep-blue bias of the locals have way to much sway over this great nation.

    Think of your kids.
    Think long and hard about your progeny.
    What kind of nation are you leaving them?


    1. google: contact congress
    2. Pick up phone &/or get online.
    3. Contact your congressmen &/or women.
    4. Spread the word.
    5. Tell others to spread the word.

    “racism” is:

    Holding any “progressive”-aligned demographic accountable for their actions.

    One can also substitute patriarchy, elitist, sexist, islamophobe, homophobe, anti-Semitic, ect…

    It’s all just a variation of good old fashioned heresy.
    It’s vacuous slander.
    It’s state sanctioned character defamation.
    It’s a BS PC hustle that maligns the majority population.