NC State Bans US Constitution in Dormitory

Officials at N.C. State Plan to Ensure “that there is no longer any Constitutions in the entry way of Berry Hall.”

Unlike Other Colleges, Officials at Duke and UNC Refuse to Destroy U.S. Constitution.

UNC Official Not Only Refuses to Ban Constitution, but Suggests that Project Veritas Journalist Needs “Professional” Help

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Write your congressman, the school, and anyone you can think to write. This must change! Then, give your children copies of the constitution and teach them. Our leftist colleges aren’t giving our children a balanced education. I was shocked to hear that 65% or 69% of college age people believe socialism is better than capitalism. That is why they supported Bernie. Parents need to make a correction or we could be the next Venezuela through our own ignorance.
    Beware globalists and Fabian Socialists such as Hillary. Follow the money trail for George Sorus, because they and others want to change our Country. We must not let them take our sovereignty!