MI #7: Project Veritas Reporter Obtains Ballot for Detroit Mayor Michael Duggan

In the seventh video of this series, an undercover journalist obtained the ballot and could have voted as Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.
Polling Address: River House Apts.

  • Jessie

    More bullshit! This proves nothing! The people of Detroit know who their mayor is! This didn’t even show them giving a ballot! It’s a nothing video! Jimmy you’re a joke!!!!!

    • Juliet Bellissima

      WTF? You’re such a troll! Those people didn’t even question the reporter. Why are you so against ID? All across the country we use ID for nearly everything! The mayor certainly doesn’t want his vote stolen so why not show ID?! Hell, you can’t even get into a locked Facebook account without uploading PHOTO ID! Damn you’re stupid.

  • Juliet Bellissima

    Haters gonna hate, Mr. O’Keefe, but keep pressing on! You are doing great work for this country at a crucial time!

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