MI #3: Undercover Journalist Offered MI House Democratic Leader’s Ballot

In this video, James O’Keefe and several Project Veritas (PV) journalists visit various polling locations in Michigan and request the ballot of Timothy Greimel, the Michigan House Democratic Leader. A PV journalist is offered the ballot without ID, proving that voter fraud is easy to commit.

  • Juliet Bellissima

    I would LOOOVE to hear Greimel’s response to this!!!!! To know someone could take his vote should shock the shit out of him!

  • Jessie

    Is this a fucking joke???! This is cut in so many places! I can’t even with this shit. Jimmy you are nothing but liar!!! But those boys were pretty cute!

    • Juliet Bellissima

      It still shows that the poll workers do not need ID to verify the person. That is the problem. Voter ID laws protect your vote.

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