James O’Keefe: Woman Who Filmed Minnesota Shooting Is A ‘Citizen Journalist, Hero’

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Following a shooting that was caught on camera in Minnesota, James O’Keefe is speaking out about the importance of citizen journalism.

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  • TrumpUup💪🏻

    That women isn’t courageous my lord. So tell me James what happened prior to pushing play on her phone…. Nostradamus???You sound like a dam liberal and I really like you. Read about the guy who got shot and what happened in that community lately. Come on James you’re better than this. Oh yea and the taillight thing she keeps saying is a lie proven already so what else was fake?

  • TrumpUup💪🏻

    Uh oh…James u might wanna film the truth about the so called “courageous” women. Don’t jump the shark you’re to important to us. Peace,God be with you..