MI #1: James O’Keefe Proves Why Voter ID is Necessary in Michigan

In this video, James O’Keefe visits various polling locations in Michigan and requests the ballot of Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson. O’Keefe is offered the ballot without ID, proving that voter fraud is easy to commit.

  • ted

    Voter Id is necessary in all states.

  • Juliet Bellissima

    Amazing work Mr. O’Keefe! It would be so funny if you could catch Brian going in to vote & they said he already did! I don’t see why these idiots can’t see the problem of not providing photo ID!

  • Walter Edinger

    as someone that lives and votes in Michigan, well we do have to give our I.D.’s to vote and they are swiped. but that does not prove voter fraud does not happen here. about 4 yrs ago a woman was found dead in her home autopsy determined she had been dead for about 4 or 5 years, now before you think how is this possible she had no family and worked for GM I believe traveling from plant to plant. it was not reported what her job was only that she had no permanent office or to whom she reported too, strange yes the point is the voting records showed that she voted in all the previous elections. true story no bullshit. lived in the Detroit area.

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  • AFR2

    This is BS. We have “provisional ballots” here in Michigan for voters who can’t prove their identity.. In the event of close races or challenges, the identity of the person casting a provisional ballot can be checked and his or her ballot can be rescinded if it turns out it’s not legit.

    O’Keefe HAD to know that. He’s being deliberately deceitful here