James O’Keefe Confronts Mayor of Detroit’s Office Over Voter Fraud

In this video, James O’Keefe confronts Melvin Butch Hallowell, the chief lawyer for the city of Detroit about the video O’Keefe took which shows election officials offering undercover journalists the ballot of the Mayor of Detroit. Things get feisty.

  • Yvonne Marie

    Keep up the great job Project Veritas !

  • dankmeemeez

    Good work. I can’t believe these loony lefties, limousine liberals, champagne socialists would stoop this low for votes. Everyone who encounters poll workers who don’t ask for ID should call the police. Voter ID laws aren’t racist, they’re common sense. If requiring ID is racist, then so is boarding a plane, buying alcohol, or any numerous things where ID is required.

    • Jessie

      What should be required is Jimmy getting the book thrown at him for impersonating officials!

  • Pat Lloyd

    We need more investigative journalism to expose the lies of the left. Must see movie: Hillary’s America

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