HIDDEN CAM: FSU and UVA Embrace Fictitious 99.99% Society

UPDATE: YouTube has yanked this video because they claim there was some sort of violation of their Terms of Service. It can’t be for the music (a common reason YouTube yanks videos) because we wrote and recorded the music ourselves.

Here’s a Facebook version of the video:

In Part II of a video series released by Project Veritas, James O’Keefe once again takes on the overly sensitive college policies and professors who are mollycoddling students on campuses across the country. The video uses undercover footage to highlight the thought processes of several university faculty members and administrators at Florida State University (FSU) and University of Virginia (UVA) who take political correctness to such an extreme that they agree to the most outlandish of scenarios presented by the investigative journalists.



  • CleanLeon

    This video was removed by YouTube.

    • Those who can’t handle the truth,
      try to silence those who speak it.

  • Ajax Dane

    Political Power of Clintons and Democratic party attacking free speech like 2014 Democratic congress attacks Constitution and Bill of Rights – 1st Amendment – Freedom , Speech, Religion and Freedom of the Press. Look it up. Here the Youtube of Ted Cruz about attacking Constitution and Bill of Rights – 1st Amendment attack signed by majority of Democrats in the Senate.