Fox 2 Detroit Attacks James O’Keefe for Exposing Voter Fraud in Michigan

In this video, James O’Keefe is interviewed by Fox 2 Detroit after exposing voter fraud in Michigan multiple times. During the interview, the news pundits attack O’Keefe and accuse him of impersonating officials. When O’Keefe asked the TV personalities if they were accusing him of a crime on TV and to show where he made an impersonation, the pundits said “roll the tape again”. However, they never played the video after making an accusation. One of the pundits then brushed off O’Keefe’s voter fraud videos saying, “some would argue that the only fraud committed are the lies you told the clerks.” Then O’Keefe had to give a Latin lesson because the pundits didn’t know what Veritas meant.

  • David William Reid

    When they are illegals how will you prosecute them?

  • Paul Smielewski

    I don’t know if you’re cherry picking, how many precincts you visited to get these videos, or anything else. I can tell you that as a precinct chair in Oakland County, you would never have received a ballot from me or my inspectors. Don’t have ID? OK, fill out the affidavit on the back, but if I don’t find you in the rolls of eligible voters, you’re not getting a ballot. Can’t tell me the full street address and date of birth, forget it, you’re going to get escorted out.

    • Juliet Bellissima

      That’s the point. You’re providing an affadavit when there shouldn’t be one. The name provided in these videos were found in the rolls, & address & dob were provided in most cases. So, how many people could doing this before its caught & sorted out? & how many times over the years has Mr. O’Keefe exposed similar issues across the country? Strict ID laws need made. There are no affidavits for buying alcohol or reserving hotel rooms or registering your car, etc. You either have ID or you don’t vote. It’s that simple & saves the poll workers & our government time & money.

  • Jessie

    They are right! Jimmy broke the law pretending to be someone he isn’t. He impersonated government leaders! That’s the fraud. Not some made up voter fraud issue.

  • So,
    Thing one… All prospective (R) voters need to register. We just passed the 100 day mark and the DNC, with the MSM, is masterfully working to suppress the (R) vote. Take a breath. Turn off the TV. Register to vote. Tell all of your feinds, to tell their friends, to tell their friends, ect… You get the picture. Just don’t drink the (D) Flavor Aid®.

    The traitors say think of the kids of the world.
    Think of your kids.
    Think long and hard about your progeny.
    What kind of nation are you leaving them?


    1. google: voter registration by state
    2. register to vote
    3. Spread the word.
    4. Tell others to spread the word.