CNN’s Jeff Zucker Runs From O’Keefe–Afraid of the Truth?

James O’Keefe tracked down CNN President Jeff Zucker for comment on Project Veritas’ recent American Pravda series. Instead of giving a quote, Zucker tried for a quick escape.

  • Cyrano

    Bold as a lion James OKeefe.

  • ElectricFire

    Can you blame him? You’ve been caught lying twice about CNN now.

    • Kenni Kuhlmann-Clark

      So, he runs, and doesn’t confront it on some level? I don’t understand your comment…. The concept that CNN is deliberately and endlessly pushing the phony ‘Russia’ tripe (for ratings, and simply as Trump ‘take-down’) is true…. I miss when they went on 24/7 for six months about a missing plane, and didn’t provide any new information… It’s kind of no surprise to me that this is the same channel….

      • ElectricFire

        No, that concept is totally false.

  • Poonjazzler

    Zucker is a coward. 100% disgrace.

    • Kenni Kuhlmann-Clark

      Yes, he hides behind the people that he forces to go out and push his Trump take-down tripe….

  • Iatemine

    Zucker is a totally dishonest Leftist putz. He deserves to be driven out of media.

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  • Nathaniel Botha

    Branson warned them about Trump – the Donald gets even and its wonderful. Micheal Moore was right: “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest FUCK YOU in recorded history.”

  • Skepticle

    CNN reporters lie through their teeth to sell airtime. That’s quality reporting for you. Everyone of those bastards can go to hell.

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