CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3

Project Veritas’ newest video from the American Pravda: CNN series exposes Jimmy Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN’s New Day attacking President Donald Trump and admitting that CNN has a left-leaning bias.

When asked by an undercover journalist if CNN is impartial, Carr plainly responded, “In theory.”

LEAKED ONE AND A HALF OUR LONG AUDIO from CNN segment proves CNN selectively edits to make Trump supporter look like a conspiracy theorist.

  • eaglestalon

    “CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”–”

    That the media feel this way is no surprise. They are not alone. In 2009 when the Democrats were crafting the now failed Obamacare one of the experts they invited to help, a man named John Gruber said the same thing.

    Washington (CNN) — Years-old but newly scrutinized videos
    of MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber ignited a political
    firestorm this week because the self-described architect of Obamacare
    thanks “the stupidity of the American voter” for leading to passage of
    the president’s signature piece of legislation.

    • EdWatts

      Like it or not, it’s a fact that half of all Americans (and every other population or group) are of below-average intelligence.

      • Lillian Newcomb

        mostly the millennials.

        • Guest2

          That’s a given.

    • Time2Go

      “They trust me – dumb f*cks” Mark Zuckerberg

      How many use Facebook?

  • Out of the Matrix

    Mr. James O’Keefe so beautiful to see the left suffocating from their own vomit.
    MSNBC, NY Times, Washington compost, BBC, you are all garbage and deserve to finally get exposed for the endless lies and darkness that you have brought down to this world.

  • Shark_FL

    Get CNN fake news out of the airports

    • rick

      I was in Destin Florida a couple of months ago and flew out of the Ft Walton Beach air port. And guess what ? Fox News was broadcast there. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised and thought , finally, someone with common sense. But it is a small airport in a conservative district. A start nevertheless.

    • billy reuben

      CNN’s ratings are soaring…

      in nursing homes and hospital cafeterias.

      • Craig Estey

        i heard people in cemetaries are watchin them all the time

  • Shark_FL

    Get CNN fake news out of the classroom.

  • Wayne_B

    I predict the new Election Fraud Commission will find a large amount of election fraud. One thing that will shock election fraudsters is if law enforcement starts arresting and fining double voters such as “snowbirds” who flit back and forth between New York and Florida while voting in both places. Also as the panelist mentioned college students who vote at home and in their college town.

    The knowledge that illegal alien voting fraud will checked at all will stop a large amount of it. We’ve seen this where President Obama said he would not enforce border laws so incursions were out of control. Before the wall, before any action, just the knowledge that President Trump will enforce the law severely curtailed illegal aliens crossing the border. The same thing will happen with election fraud – IF the Election Fraud Commission is serious and takes action.

    If that happens, the next election will be far more honest and we can expect more shocked looks on CNN faces.

  • Out of the Matrix

    I think the name fake news doesnt do them justice, I think traitors of the country and the people is a better term for them. they should all be in jail for the dangerous information they have been injecting through their outlets. They are the ones that seperated between the people of the USA, The people in the USA are the most beautiful and caring people in the whole world what the media did is destroy the love that people used to show for one another here.

    • thomas jefferson

      YOU NEED TO QUITE DRINKING THE GOVERNMENTS COOL AID,americans are the most bloodthristy killers on earth and have been for the last hundred years…THEY LOVE KILLING CHILDREN ESPECIALLY…….

      • gogettergirl

        If you hate American that much, why don’t you take your sorry ass and leave this country???? I will buy you a one way ticket to where ever, just get out of this country because we don’t need your hatred and pure garbage you spew out over the internet. You must work for CNN, CBS, NBC etc., because you tell lies just like them!!

        • Original Anna

          What I believe Jefferson is talking about is the 65 million babies killed legally thanks to our politicians and supreme court and thanks to our politicians and supreme court marriage is between two men and two lesbians and thanks to our politicians homosexuals are teaching our children against their parents wishes how wonderful homosexual is and thanks to our politicians little girls and women are supposed to bow down to boys and men in girls bathrooms. I love America but thanks to LGBT agenda the states is flying a little crooked right now and needs to be straightened out and make it American agenda not the LGBT agenda. In my nearby city during homosexual pride parade week the stupid mayor took down the American flag over city hall and replaced it with the homosexual flag. Since when does the American flag that represents freedom of its citizens and those who died for that freedom, replaced with any flag especially an ugly flag that represents how a bunch of people do their sexual activities.

      • Lillian Newcomb

        shows how damn dumb your sorry ass is. The best country in the world, where would you rather live? Oh yeah you wouldn’t leave you are just spewing leftist hatred, dumb ass.

      • Time2Go

        It’s not real Americans, but the dual citizenship American frauds who will have you thrown in jail in numerous countries for questioning them.

      • Shelley

        Learn how to spell and write. You might be taken more seriously.

  • Out of the Matrix

    From Wikipedia:
    Divide and rule (or divide and conquer, from Latin dīvide et īmpera) in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures, and especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people.

  • TexasRedNeck

    Finally CNN tells the truth……………..about liberal voters.

  • libsarescum

    Where the fuk is Sessions DOJ? And the IRS? They should be investigating and suing these lying traitors, and making life hell for each one of these “news” organizations and their “reporters”.

    • Man-of-Reason

      Perhaps there are no “lying traitors” and it was alleged by propagandists just to piss you off and get you to vote for an asshole who will screw you over.

      • gogettergirl

        And YOU are certainly one!!

        • Man-of-Reason

          No. Who’s the carnival barker? The huckster in chief? The salesman of The Deal? Putin’s cock holster? Who told you that the economy is all screwed up when it’s actually rebounding quite nicely; that unemployment is 45% when it’s actually 4.5% (G6 at 8.5%); that thousands of Muslims in NJ stood on rooftops celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11 when no one did; that Obama tapped his phones in Trump Tower, when the FBI denies any such action could be possible; and many hundreds of other actual lies?

          Keep your eye on the ball, girl. Get educated and get smart.

      • Lillian Newcomb

        OMG are you dumb or what?

        • Man-of-Reason

          I’m not the “sucker”, Lillian. That’s you.

      • Time2Go

        Actually you are the useful idiot who still hasn’t figured out the gov’t has been using divide & conquer & is completely corrupt & not being run by Americans.

        But you go ahead & keep fighting the D vs R theory. They are all sitting on their piles of money laughing at people like you. And yes, your hero Obama is doing exactly that – laughing at YOU.

        • Man-of-Reason

          So it’s some globalist one world conspiracy and D and R don’t matter because they’re all the same. I’ve heard this bullshit since the John Birch Society, founded by Papa Koch, took up McCarthyism in the 1950’s. Yet I haven’t seen one iota of truth in any of their predictions which always miss their mark.

  • BOSSMAN131

    CNN Sucks, period!

    • Vlad TheSkewerer

      But you have to ask em real nice.

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  • edwitness

    The woman reporter, Alison, used to work at FOX News. This reveals the incestual relationship they all share. And the fact that true facts don’t matter to them. There is one truth. His name is Jesus.

    • gogettergirl

      God HATES liars, gossips and false witnesses, so you will be held accountable.

  • DrunkSpock

    Thanks for all your hard work PV!

  • JustSayin

    CNN, Russia’s favorite channel. Why do they have to do anything when they got the Communist News Network to do it for them.

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  • Mike Kujawski

    Great series on the dishonesty and corruption of Fake News CNN. Fantastic work on Project Veritas’s part!!! Really eye opening!!!

  • Benny Hill

    If anyone is ‘stupid as shit’ it would have to be CNN. They have been shooting them selves in the foot every other day.

  • PWU

    Turning over the logo at the end had me laughing out loud! Great work PV!!!!

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  • KnightShift

    This is the scene toward the end of A Face In The Crowd, where Marcia broadcasts the REAL Lonesome Rhodes coming out.

  • Mike Ma

    FOX ‘Mews’ is pure propagandists for the fascists corporate kleptocracy we have in power. CNN is just doing whatever gets rating.

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  • Chuck Morrison

    I believe there was massive voter fraud, at least three to five million in California alone. That lying B immediately started waving her finger at the guy from New Hampshire when he gave his eyewitness account. In Cali there were billboards along the freeways picturing a raised, clenched, tattooed Latino fist with the word VOTA! next to it. Doesn’t take rocket science to see what went on here. Then of course there’s ‘motor-voter’, but here it’s coupled with the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegals.

    The solution, of course, is to not license illegals at all, but rather send them home. And as part of the Real ID laws, require that licenses issued to legal immigrant non-citizens be a different color or have other prominent markings. Then put the registration question on every driver license application in the country as a requirement, use the Real ID national database as a national registry and require all voters to swipe their ID in a card reader when they vote. Requesting a mail-in ballot would require the immediate entry of that voter’s name on a separate list. Mandate the use of hand-marked paper ballots that may be machine counted, but must be audited and verified by hand count. Then, election day should be declared a national holiday.

    I would also add that voter fraud should be viewed as treason, and those committing it should be viewed as such, and receive the appropriate punishment.

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  • Betsy Smith

    They did this to Sarah Palin.
    How do you think she was dismissed as an idiot by all of those naive people who watched the Curic interview?
    If Palin’s interviews had not been diced, spliced and taped together by the MSM, she would be wildly popular and widely respected.
    If her accomplishments in Alaska had been well known, she might be sitting behind the desk in the Oval office with Trump in Pence’s place.

  • Joseph Sobecki


    Lets say Huma is an agent for Pakistan or at least connected to the Muslim Brotherhood so she is a perfect to ensnare Hillary with sex. (one of the oldest ways to trap or dare I say penetrate someone is sex from an intelligence stand point)

    So she meets Hillary and they fall in lust. So now Hillary is happier than a pig in shit as she is porking her Muslim Princess.

    To complete her cover Huma finds a guy (Weiner) that’s ok if she is BI and she is ok if he does others, also Huma wants her vagina itched sometimes so enter Weiner.

    Thats all perfect for Huma as she gets hired as Hillary’s best bosom buddy, and can pass along tons of info which they save as Life Insurance on their computer at home.

    So she is porking Hillary or vice a versa and Bill joins in once in a while, now also in the mix is Jeffery Epstein and the Paedophile Island stuff, so Bill got used to the young pussy and Hillary got some young girls as well. (ask yourself how many trips to the Pedo Island Bill and Hillary made ditching their Secret Service)

    So that created a need, enter Weiner and Huma asks him find some snatch for Hillary and he gets stung not knowing it’s a minor or not caring, or some old hands at FBI/NYPD set up a trap.

    That leads to the NYPD/FBI seizure of Huma and Weiners phones, computers, etc. and to finding Hillary’s missing emails. It also is a huge dilema for Mr. Fixit (Comey) who has been the clean up man for the Clintons.

    So then Comey a.k.a. Mr. Fixit gets involved covering up the entire mess, and Trump gets elected.

    This all leads to the need for Trump/Russia as a distraction from the paedophile stuff that the Clinton’s and Weiner’s among other scandals were engaged in. So enter the elite media owners to rescue Hillary with all the Russia Russia Russia bull shit.

    It does not take long for Trump to figure out he needs to fire Comey, so the swamp appoints Mueller as the cleanup man for Mr. Fixit.

    And the saga continues…

  • Matibob

    This sniveling brat is a producer? He does not appear old/intelligent enough to wipe his own nose.

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  • Barbara Smith

    The FACT that CNN and many others in the MSM are making up B.S. stories and spreading it to the public like cancer should be illegal – it is border line tyranny. Maybe it’s time to prosecute.

  • someone1

    Can we get the full interviews without the heavy editing and cutting
    please? Everything is out of context. Who is the ‘her’ referenced at

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  • brucethompson22

    The Communist and Anarchist have a name for people who watch CNN and believe what they say and act on it, they call them ” Useful Idiots” About 5,040,000 results (0.74 seconds)
    Search Results
    Useful idiot – Wikipedia
    In political jargon, a useful idiot is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by …
    ‎Usage in Russian · ‎Usage in English · ‎Useful innocents · ‎See also

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  • Roger Janosek

    Lets stop CNN from the garbage the put out. CNN is owned by Time Warner, Inc. CNN can vanish in a second if the Board of Directors of Time Warner voice their displeasure. Below are the emails to the board. Please email them and tell them you are disgusted with the garbage and lies CNN is putting out and that you hold the board responsible for the damage they are doing to America. Also, spread the emails around other sites.

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  • Pwdro


  • Bill Jefferson

    This stupid ‘mo looks like he’s 10 years old.
    So when does the administration yank Fake News Network’s press credentials entirely?
    They’ve blown up any claim to credibility or impartiality, so who needs them?

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  • billy reuben

    If the American voter is that stupid, they got that way on CNN’s watch.

    CNN is not a news organization. It is a corporate, robber-baron propaganda apparatus, just like all mainstream news media in this country going all the way back to it’s founding. You’re on your own to educate yourself, folks. Even the most seemingly conservative bastions of MSM are just a thin, candy coating of the whole truth.

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  • thomas jefferson

    I’am glad CNN is in New York,they won’t be much longer………

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  • Alleged Comment

    THIS is what Demoncraps and lieberals have alawys thought about you. And if you didn’t know that you are really dumb sh it!

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  • America has only ONE TV NEWS network (half a one if your going to be technical)
    That ONE is Fox news.
    ALL the others are agenda scripts – not news

  • patrickbailyn

    The incredible media bias against free minds and free markets is traceable to the American Stalinist Tradition on the Left. We should never forget that the odious term “politically incorrect” was invented as a way of making pariahs of persons who expressed unorthodox ideas among the American pro-Soviet Left of the 1930s and 1940s; and now, of course, that Left tradition seeks to silence anyone who holds “heretical” ideas on American university campuses or in American newsrooms and TV news networks in the twenty-teens. Welcome to the Brave New (Old) World.

    • Time2Go

      Yup, brought to you directly by the Russian Jewish Communists.

  • Man-of-Reason

    Why would CNN have to edit anything to make a Trump supporter look like a conspiracy theorist? Trump himself is a conspiracy theorist and there are plenty of his supporters who are also. So why not use any of them? No editing necessary.

    • Time2Go

      Do you not realize that about 50 years after events & all the participants are dead the gov’t comes out and admits to what once a conspiracy theory?

      Are you aware of who coined the term? Nah, you are so clueless about the evil machinations of the CIA & it’s handler – Israel.

  • incog99

    I haven’t tuned in CNN for a long time. Why fill your head with falsehoods? The cable company could remove it from my lineup and I would not miss it one bit.

  • incog99

    When searching for something to watch on my cable box, CNN is “fly-over” territory!!

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  • Alex Jones Podcasts
  • MatFan

    Excellent effort on CNN. Some people are so slow they have to see it to believe it. Finally some proof!!!

  • juniemoon

    O’Keefe, like your videos. Watch your back. I hope you have a security detail. Don’t want anything bad
    happening to you. “Accidents” or “muggings” have already befallen so many people. Be safe.

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  • Richard Lubitz

    OMG…This is so tiring….CNN is so unethical and biased…I think they should take their franchise away!!!!News should be informational and balanced, not premeditated and the opinion of the owners of the organization…

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