Citizen Journalist Unholsters Gun: The Case of Mike Strickland, My Friend

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A citizen journalist videographer in Portland, Oregon named Mike Strickland was arrested after unholstering his gun at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Mike Strickland is someone I know. I respect him because he makes little to no money going to these events trying to hold people accountable. He’s fought for both the First and Second Amendments for half a decade and he does so at great risk to himself.

The court set bond for Mike at $250,000.

You can help out by donating to his release at Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, indicating “Michael Strickland Legal Fund” in the tribute box.

Here’s the link .


  • Redfoot

    Just donated.

    • Victoria Taft

      Thank you.

  • Steven Richards

    *Sweeps gun across crowd

    • Victoria Taft

      … advancing on him. Who would you have pointed your gun at? The fat, multiple felony person who had already assaulted him? Or, no wait, the black bloc guys who had already stuck him with their flag staffs? Please tell us, we’re all waiting, Steven Richards

  • Jexpat

    Oh please.

    That guy is not and never has been a “citizen journalist,” but rather an unhinged stalker and potential mass shooter who fortunately isn’t facing multiple murder or manslaughter charges.

    Best folks can do for his sake is let him cool his heels in county jail for a while, take a plea to the felony whereupon he won’t have legal access to guns.

    • Beau Martin

      Jexpat, you’ve posted 20k comments. Are they all this stupid?

    • Terrence Bearz

      Potential mass shooter? Because he’s been involved in other shootings? In your mind, how does one become “a potential mass shooter”? An “unhinged stalker”. So you’re saying he has problems with mental illness and stalking. Stalking is a crime by the way, I don’t see anything in the video that would lead me to believe he violated the OR statute. Maybe you like exaggerate a tiny bit?

      • Jexpat

        Because the profile fits. Authorities know that, which is why he’s in custody on felony charges.

        • Terrence Bearz

          Wow he isn’t in jail because he fits any profile. You’re not very familiar with the legal system in the United States, are you?

          • Jexpat

            If you don’t think prosecutors take potential dangerousness into account, along with reports of past incidents, in making these decisions, I have an old bridge to sell you. Cheap.

          • Terrence Bearz

            “Potential dangerousness”. You are a graduate of the Matlock school of law. Maybe they should examine the past incident where he had his arm broken by an anti-gun nut job, which they conveniently refused to prosecute despite having video evidence. Or maybe, they should examine the video of the Black Panther screaming about committing violence, prior to the march? “Potential dangerousness” indeed.

        • S Johnson

          you are a potential danger

          • Jexpat

            And Strickland is now a convicted felon awaiting sentencing.

            How long will it be? My guess is what amounts to a county lid, though with so many counts significant state prison time is a possibility.

          • S Johnson

            So he is alive. I wonder, Would he do the exact same thing again?
            Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Was it in a democratic judge courtroom? Of course it was…. You from Oregon? Maybe you would just be dead if you were in his shoes there. I don’t know what a lid is. Jail cell?
            You use a lot of big words there. You Professor?

          • Jexpat

            Presumably, whatever ‘good person’ mateiral there is will be uncovered during the Pre-Sentence Investigation.

      • downtown21

        Uh huh.

        Remember what you’re saying here now the next time you decide to blame Obama and the FBI for not stopping the next Orlando shooter before they act.

    • Victoria Taft

      That’s weird. Since I’ve known him, that’s all he’s been: A citizen journalist. Do tell.

    • Glen Smith

      You stupid asshole… Have you seen the several videos from different perspectives? The BLM was in his personal space. One man even pushed him. He was in fear of his life. Jail or not… If I was him… I would have went further…

    • Bob Long

      what bs, had he been a potential mass shooter, there would have been dead people, come on, he is a citizen, he probably should have waited until they jumped him, 2 against 1 is disparity of force and then started shooting and he would have been justified.

  • No, he was arrested for pointing his gun at a crowd and threatening to shoot them.

    For that alone he should be convicted of a felony and never permitted to touch a gun again.

    • Victoria Taft

      Even though they were bearing down on him … after already assaulting him. Very interesting. Do tell. You might want to go to my website:

  • James

    Journalist? Oh please. Michael is NOT a journalist. He has NO credentials. This guy is unemployed and goes to any left-wing protest he can find to stalk, film and harass the attendees and then post the videos on his youtube channel so he and his alt-right followers can circle jerk over them. That makes him a journalist? He’s been caught engaging in suggestive filming of underage females at said protests. He’s a scumbag, through and through.

    • Victoria Taft

      I’ve been a journalist for going on 30 years. Besides my degree I have no “credentials” except working in the business. Please tell me these “credentials” of which you speak.

  • downtown21

    Is this a joke?

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  • Independent Voter

    Vote for Hillary and you get the full meal deal, not just this small sample of leftist tyranny.

  • Glen Smith

    He had a first amendment right to be there…

  • Elmir Elmirism

    Stay away from the idiots. Let them self destruct. Had Abe Lincoln lived he planned to sent them all back to Africa because he knew they can’t be free to wander around white people it will never work out.

    • Luke Williams

      Man that would’ve been great, I never knew that.

    • Me Again

      …don’t be silly.

      • justthefaxpleez

        This is true. Lincoln had major reservations about the ability for the freed black population to adequately assimilate into American society.

        • Father Otoole

          this isn’t about blacks. it’s about radicalist. Bobby Seale stated the new black panther were not representing their club. they have after school programs for children of all color and though they started off a bit rough with some violence, they ended up becoming a peaceful group. the new black panthers seem to just want to preach more violence than bring people together.

  • Le cochon

    How can we help him monetarily? Post a place for us to send money for those of us who want to.

  • Klee Klee

    Anyone who is street smart can see he saved himself from a ruthless beating.

  • Bob Long

    it is called disparity of force, however, in OK, we have a stupid law that says that if you pull the gun and dont shoot it, you just committed a felony. now he is in danger, no doubt, but, the gun is the last resort, I tell others that when you carry a gun you are held to a higher level of conduct, this is why people who carry a gun also needs to carry US Law Shield.

  • Mark Emarc

    i saw the video from a different angle. He was definitely in fear of his life. He only pulled it out when he was threatened and he holstered when the danger passed

  • Duane Ransom

    Bro, these Liberal-Dumb F***s are crazy, violent and downright psychotic. As the Patriot Nurse said- It’s time to get REAL on defending YOU and Your Family ALONG with your VALUES. This is a REAL Marxist Revolt and whatever way the election goes, it IS NOT going to be pretty. Be safe people and NEVER give up on what you believe to be RIGHT and in your heart. I truly feel for this man but also Proud he is one heck of a TRUE Patriot.

  • MoeHamHead

    Portland… Good luck with that. Another Sodomite & Gomorrah city.

  • John Farr

    wow a crowd of black lives matter people are literally stalking him and he’s the one who gets arrested. If he had not drawn his weapon no doubt they would have jumped him like they have done to hundreds of white people around the country. Ask Chris Matthews about this,”Black people can’t be racist.”

  • NAFTA Refugee2

    First. It is time for a civil rights/ liberties lawsuit against the county involved. Any civil rights/liberties lawyers reading this?

    Second, it will take a lot of money from “the group” to pay for said lawyer’s firm. Definitely not the one that represented him the first time. What a disaster.

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