2016 IMPACT: Results Really Count at Project Veritas

What makes Project Veritas so successful? This video highlights some of our previous videos, illustrates the dedication of our staff, shows direct results of our work and provides examples of some of the impact of our undercover videos.


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  • SlimboTex

    You’re a modern day hero James! Thank you and Happy New year bud. : ) Keep up the good work.

  • Jay Thomas

    James O’Keefe, LOL, another proven fraud who splices YouTube videos to promote his agenda. What next, Alex Jones videos? LMAO!

    • Dan Sims

      Jay Thomas Do you live under a rock? Mr. O’Keefe is an upstanding individual. Not sure about you though.

      • Jay Thomas

        No, I know who James O’Keefe is, he’s that conspiracy theory nut who circulates disinformation drivel along with disinformation nut jobs Alex jones and Roger Stone.

        • Hell And A Hand Basket

          Denying everything just because it offends you, or you’re so shocked by it all – does not make what is presented UNTRUE.
          If you can’t quite figure-it-out because you lack of the inherent ability to rationalize, and logically decipher evidence – this as well…does not make it UNTRUE.
          Your strategy of deny deny deny “because I’m confused” …really isn’t the best way-to-go.

          Furthermore, I would wager-$, that you have NEVER watched his expose videos IN FULL, nor have you read/watched anything relating to the background of how/what evidence is obtained.
          I would also confidently place-bets on the basis of your refusal to consider what Mr. O’Keefe has provided the general public, is based solely on various “rumors, discrediting voices, snopes, MSM, DNC, Leftist/Feminist, etc”, without requiring them to provide ANY evidence which proves ANYTHING they say.

          Do yourself a HUGE favor, figure-stuff-out for yourself, take the evidence presented in its ENTIRETY …and most importantly – turn-OFF that rectangle box in the livingroom, visit opposing websites (don’t just visit HuffPost, Politico, Snopes, etc).
          When you remain in a one-sided bubble, you will NEVER figure-out what is the truth.
          It’s imperative to investigate BOTH sides, then decide for YOURSELF.

  • lisaphil

    Jay Thomas, LOL, when you post you show your stupidity. L MY AO! You can find all O’Keefe’s unedited videos on the Project Veritas website.